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About Ari - Auckland

Ari is a multipurpose studio space, based in Kingsland, Auckland. Ari is ideal for product, still life, fashion, portrait shoots, castings, workshops and more.



Arī  味方 |
Ally, friend, collaborator.
Ari is a studio space designed to support creatives to do what they love. 

A mutual love of Japan, the desire to create, and a passion to help others lead to the formation for Ari by two Auckland photographers.

Tucked away, down an unassuming street in the central suburb of Kingsland, Ari is a humble converted warehouse that offers 120sqm of light filled space. We've stripped back some of tell tale signs of the buildings industrial history, and given it a fresh, light and minimalist makeover; ready for you to get creative. 

Ari is a multipurpose space ideal for product, still life, fashion, portrait shoots; castings, workshops, events and more.